US Embassy & O-Zone Foundation distribute footwear to Albouystown/Charlestown children


The Ambitious Future leaders youth club in Albouystown/Charlestown, Constituency 10 was on Saturday launched and the over 300 children that attended the event were supplied with footwear compliments of the US Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) and the O-Zone Foundation.


Councilor for Constituency 10, Malcolm Ferreira said the launching of the Youth club was a collaborative effort with the Guyana Police Force’s Project Impact Albouystown/Charlestown, Faith-based organizations, Women’s groups and other supporting organizations.



Ferreira is catering for 1,000 children to be enrolled in the Literacy programme once support is garnered from a sponsor.



He highlighted that most of these children hail from depressed communities but have bright futures, providing that their talents are harnessed.


The Director of the Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) said this is just one of the many collaborative ventures to provide school supplies to children in need.



He said too, that HAP would continue to partner with the O-Zone Foundation in similar ventures.


(Photo caption: The Director of HAP flocked by children of Constituency 10) 

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