N.A Town Council implements fines for dumping of solid waste


By Malisa Playter Harry

The New Amsterdam Town Council has embarked on several initiatives in an effort to keep the town clean, including the implementation of stiffer penalties to deal with waste disposal. This was outlined by Health Inspector of New Amsterdam Mr. Ackloo Ramsudth during an interview with News Room.


According to Ramsudth the municipality has taken the decision to have vacant lots cleaned and rid of unwanted vegetation, “in the municipality there are a number of vacant lots with overgrowth in the township and so the council has taken the decision to clean them for the first time”. He, however, noted that the cost incurred be added to the tax of the property owner. He disclosed that the council has since commenced cleaning on one lot which is located near the town council and has been an eyesore for many years.


Ramsudth revealed the council has started to have educational talks with students at schools in New Amsterdam. “The talks are centered on solid waste management and the children are expected to take these messages to their respective communities” as the communities are overrun with solid waste and persons dumping indiscriminately over the years.


It was also highlighted that the only dumpsite in Berbice located at Esplanade, New Amsterdam has been cleared recently which then makes it more accessible, however, the exercise was very costly for the council. He further disclosed that the municipality has one tractor trailer in working condition and this has to serve over 5000 residential houses every month.


Over the years the council has tried to implement several initiatives to cushion the issue of solid waste being dumped all over the township, however, these initiatives produced very little success. With this in mind, the Health Inspector posited that there will be an inspection of yards of the residents in the town and “they do not have a receptacle bin then a fine will be imposed”. The fine of $3000 will be imposed if after the first warning was given by way of a notice and the residents do not adhere to it.


Persons dumping at the Esplanade Dumpsite will also be expected to pay a fee for dumping which will be charged depending on the type of vehicle. Canter Trucks are expected to pay $3000 per load, 10-ton trucks; $5000 and for smaller vehicles; $1000-$2000 per load.


These charges were instituted at a statutory meeting held recently.

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