APNU/AFC inherited a growing economy- Jagdeo


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has rebutted claims made by the President David Granger in the National Assembly that the government inheriting a country marred by a depressing financial landscape, a poor economic legacy, and high indebtedness.


During a Press Conference which followed the President’s address to parliament, Jagdeo noted that the government, in fact, inherited a growing economy.


Further, he noted that the President’s speech contained nothing new but is rather a repeat of the things he said before; and more so after the 2015 elections.


“He genuinely believes that he is announcing new initiatives here. He just doesn’t know” Jagdeo said.


The Peoples Progressive Party was not present for the President’s address at this afternoon’s sitting of the National Assembly having walked out as he was about to speak in protest of recent moves made by the Head of State to suspend fraud accused Carvil Duncan from the Constitutional Commissions.


Granger in his address outlined several debts that were incurred by the PPP/C and had to be paid after his government ascended to office as he told the Assembly that “Your Government entered a depressing financial landscape in May 2015. The economic legacy that this nation inherited was characterized by a lack of strategic planning and whimsical decision-making. The absence of a policy to provide employment opportunities for youth and to reduce extreme poverty and the failure to energize the manufacturing sector weakened the economy.”


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