Jordan takes a swipe at Auditor General over 2015 report


Finance Minister, Winston Jordan on Monday raised several concerns with the Auditor General’s report which he noted gives the impression that the Coalition Government was responsible for all debts incurred for 2015, reminding that the present administration took office in May last year.


Jordan took a swipe at Deodat Sharma, whom he noted did not give the Government the opportunity to address some statements in the report, which he claimed were designed to excite the population.


While the minister refused to comment on whether there was a political motive behind the Auditor General’s move from one extreme to another, said professionalism was expected in the execution of Sharma’s duty. He pointed to the fact that under the previous Government the report had to be edited before it could have been published, now the Auditor General executes his function with autonomy under the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).


As it relates to the Contingencies Fund, Minister Jordan reminded that in accordance with the law, the Finance Minister is not required to explain anything to the Auditor General, but the cabinet which would give approval for any spending from the Fund.


He explained the troubles Government had with completing the budget last year, reasoning that the Guyana/Venezuela controversy had also placed additional pressure on the administration, so a few things may have been left out.


Jordan emphasized that the Auditor General cannot determine what was an emergency, but should have sought explanations from the relevant persons.


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