Salary increases payable from this month, retroactive from January


While the Union has rejected the proposed salary increases for Public Servants, Government will be forging ahead with payments this month retroactive from January, 2016.


This announcement was made yesterday by Finance Minister Winston Jordan.


The government made a final offer of a 10% increase for persons earning below $99,000 per month, a 6% increase for persons earning $100,000 – $299,000 per month, 5% for those earning $300,000 – $499,000, 4% for persons earning $500,000 – $799,000, 2% for those earning $800,000 – $999,000 and a 1% increase for public servants earning above $1,000,000 per month.


The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) had deemed the proposal as “virtually insulting”.


Implying that the final offer will continue to support poverty, FITUG called for a ‘real wage’ which can adequately cover the mounting cost of living.


However, President David Granger had stated that this would be his Government’s final offer at this time, noting that more cannot be afforded. The President had also said that the door remains open to further negotiations.

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