Update: Suspect in Ulverston stabbing apprehended by police


By Malisa Playter-Harry


Efforts by law enforcement officials in ‘B’ Division has led to the capture of Winston Benjamin of Ulverston Village, who yesterday afternoon fatally stabbed his reputed wife in a nearby shop.


The man was moments ago arrested by police in the Ulverston Backdam, Corentyne, Berbice, where he was hiding out since the incident.


Benjamin is being taken to the nearest hospital for medical examination, following which he would be taken into custody at the Whim Police Station.


Benjamin, age 40, a cane harvester was on the run from authorities after he stabbed Yansen Brushe, a canteen operator at Alness Primary School yesterday at approximately 13:20 hours.


Proprietor of the shop, where the woman was attacked; Beverly Green told News Room that after the woman entered the shop, Benjamin followed shortly after.


Green said after a brief exchange of words between her and Brushe, the irate cane cutter took out his knife and stabbed his reputed wife several times. She managed to escape to the side of the shop, where she collapsed.


The shop owner held onto the man, however, he managed to escape her grasp and ran into the Ulverston Backdam.


According to Sources Brushe sustained five stab wounds about her body.





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