Coalition Government needs more action, less rhetoric on LGBT community issues-SASOD


The Guyana Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, SASOD, is calling on the government to put into policy its presumed non-discriminatory posture towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. This call came from the body’s Managing Director, Joel Simpson during an interview on Wednesday.


Mr Simpson told media operatives while it is very clear that government’s policy does not discriminate, this position should be reflected in more than just rhetoric.


“It is not enough just to have mere rhetoric. In that regard, the government has to move to action. I think also if the government is taking a position that they don’t discriminate and there’s a policy of non-discrimination, there shouldn’t be a cross-appeal by the state in the cross-dressing case. And while that process might have started with the previous government, the current administration needs to bring its position , not just in the media or public…in line” the Director said.


Mr. Simpson also spoke of the cross-dressing case currently before the court of appeal, noting that it is the seventh year of litigation on this matter. He said SASOD and the named parties would have received notice just two weeks ago about the further delay in the hearing, which is the second postponement.


The new hearing date is November 28. However, all parties are hopeful even though they do not expect a decision this year.


In this regard, he noted that this speaks to the slothful nature of the court system.



This case was filed in February of 2010 following the arrests and conviction of seven transgender persons.

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