Kitty Market Stallholders to occupy new building; concerns raised about poor ventilation


Vendors who will be occupying the inside of the newly rehabilitated Kitty Market are concerned about the poor ventilation of the facility. The building is expected to be completed by November; a deadline which was set by the Georgetown Municipality in August.



One woman who wished to remain anonymous for fear of victimization told News Room that she does not know what will happen when the time comes to take up her spot in the market. The woman also decried the present layout as not nice because of the thick concrete walls erected, straight to the first-floor ceiling.


While commending the move of restoring the market she said City Hall does not engage the stallholders. As such, she also said vendors remain unsure about the stalls rent being increased.


It is hoped that the existing stallholders would be given first preference once the facility is completed.


Stallholders who for decades would have operated at the Kitty Market are presently operating at a temporary location. The vendors noted that when it comes to sales, the stallholders said they have dropped drastically and in some cases, nothing is being sold on a daily basis.


Months ago City Hall reported that the completion of the market was delayed due to limited funds and materials and some 110 million dollars was spent so far in repairs. The vendors today said much has not changed since the workers are on site but told them they do not have all the much-needed material to finish the job.


According to City Hall, in order to have the entire facility up and ready it will cost the Council an estimated 240 million dollars.

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