Fisheries Department working with fisherfolk to resuscitate Co-op Societies


Fisherfolk from across the country were today privy to a special session on co-operative societies within the sector with the view of resuscitating many of the now defunct bodies.


The fisheries sector has for many years played a significant role in the lives of Guyanese and according to one official, provides direct employment for more than five thousand persons.


Guyana is also said to have one of the highest per capita consumption of fish.


It is with this in mind that the Ministry of Agriculture through the Department of Fisheries decided to host a training workshop for members of the fishing community.


According to Permanent Secretary, George Jervis, co-op societies in recent years would have been given a bad name but the hope now is to rebound this, not only in name but in activity, as it is important for the fullest possible participation of fisherfolk in the economic and social development. Co-ops are also a powerful business model in developing countries.



Chief Fisheries Officer, Denzil Roberts in his remarks said the ministry has recognized the need for some training and guidance in order for the members to make the most of the co-op society.


To this end, he noted that it is his plan to assign staff to each co-op so that they could provide the support however it is his hope that these efforts would be fully utilized by the members.


The event was hosted as part of Agriculture month activities which is being held under the theme “Exploring New Production Frontiers: in pursuance of Climate Resilience.”

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