2016 top academic performers awarded


Students who attained high levels of academic achievement, earning good grades at various examinations were this morning honoured by the Ministry of Education. They were presented with awards and trophies at the Ministry of Education’s 20th Annual National Award Ceremony held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC.)


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who presented awards to the Most Outstanding Performers in the different categories, delivered the featured address. He said that the day was one of celebration, of achievement, of accomplishment and of example.


He told the 2016 national best academic performers that they were the “new exemplars of the nation…”


The Prime Minister also urged them strive for greater successes. “Guyana can be a shining light in the world and you are the lights,” he said.


“Keep making waves…keep the flag of Guyana flying in whatever you do in, wherever you go and we will be proud of you once you embrace your country with love and commitment,” the Prime Minister added.


Urging the top performers to uphold high standards in their future endeavors, the Prime Minister said that there is nothing more worthy of recognition than honesty and integrity.


Also addressing the event was Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. This is the second year of the national award ceremony under Minister Roopnaraine’s stewardship. He said that it was a bittersweet one for him.


The minister explained that while he recognises the merit of the awards for recognizing the hard work and success of the top performers and for being a motivation for those to come,  he also bemoan its limitation of continuing to be all about awarding academia.


He pointed out that there were no awards for the outstanding non-academic or hybrid aspects of students’ performances and said that this is an indictment of the nation’s education system.


The minister noted the strain that the system is subjected to when it seeks to provide for tuition for as many as 20 subjects.


“The result is less time for extra curriculum activities, less time for core subjects and create a need for extra lessons to supplement the work done in schools, lessons which some cannot afford, and hours of tuition sometimes commencing as early as 5:00 am and ending as late as 10:00pm,” the minister said.


In addition to the distribution of the trophies, laptops were handed to the top Presidential Scholarship Awardees, CAPE and CXC performers.


The national outstanding academic performers are chosen by the Examination Division Unit of the Ministry of Education. The Unit   chooses the top performers for each of the local examinations. The Caribbean Examination Council would guide the identification of top performers at the regional exams.


The 2016 Outstanding Education Performers are as follow:


National Grade Six Assessment Best Performers

  • Anthony Ferreira- Mae’s Under 12
  • Aryan Singh- Dharmic Rama Krishna
  • Serena Razak- Graham’s Hall Primary
  • Chelsea Barnes- Success Elementary


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate- Best Junior Secondary Performers

  • Ramkumarie Ramdass- Saraswati Vidya Niketan
  • Joshua Indrajit- Skeldon Line Path Secondary
  • Kimberly Najab- Saraswati Vidya Niketan
  • Kevall Lall- Anna Regina Secondary


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate- Best Senior Secondary Performers

  • Kayshav Tewari- Queen’s College
  • Fatima Karim- St. Roses High
  • Aadilah Ali- Queen’s College
  • Sariah Singh-Queen’s College


Carnegie School of Home Economic

  • Ayodele Bovel-Grament Construction
  • Moneyep Thornhill-Commercial Food Preparation
  • Gizelle Lopes-Catering and Hospitality
  • Suzanna Saunder-General Cosmetology
  • Abigail Henry-Interior Decoration


Craft Productions and Design

  • Nikeita Allicock-Visual Arts
  • Shaunell Wilson-Garment Construction


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination- Best Science Performer

  • Kayshav Tewari-Queen’s College


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination- Best Creative and Expressive Arts Performer

  • Esther Hurcules-Bishops’ High


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination- Best Creative and Expressive Arts Performer

  • Kayshav Tewari-Queen’s College


Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations- Best Performers 2016

  • Deenauth Mohabeer- Queen’s College
  • Carissa Kissoon-Bishops’ High
  • Ashley Anthony- Queen’s College
  • Joash Gobin- Queen’s College
  • Larissa Wiltshire- Queen’s College
  • Shannon Woodroffe- Queen’s College 


Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations- Best Performers 2015-2016

  • Larissa Wiltshire- Queen’s College


Most Improved Primary School

  • Providence Primary 


Most Improved Junior Secondary School

  • Bush Lot Secondary School


Most Improved Senior Secondary School

  • Mackenzie High School


Best Graduating Student-CPCE (2014-2016)

  • Hirannie Persaud- Anna Regina Centre, ADE Primary Programme


Desrey Fox Scholarship Award

  • Lennox Hernandez


Presidential Scholarship Awardees


Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations

  • Larissa Wiltshire-Queen’s College
  • Sarah Hack-Queen’s College


Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination

  • Kayshav Tewari-Queen’s College
  • Fatima Karim-St Rose’s High


  • Most Outstanding Performer-Overall
  • Kayshav Tewari-Queen’s College



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