Gov’t to work with Miss World Guyana 2016 to bridge societal gaps


Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally will be working with Miss World Guyana 2016, Ms. Nuriyyih Gerrard to foster social cohesion and bridge certain gaps in society.


During the visit, Ms. Gerrard informed the Minister about the steps that she has taken to advance her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ platform that focuses on mental health in Guyana through a campaign titled ‘Thrive! Live without stigma’.


These include creating linkages with the Ministry of Health and the National Psychiatric Hospital to ensure that young people can access mental health services and using her experience in theatre arts to promote a series of ‘One Act’ skits to reach those who may be suffering.


Minister Ally said she was pleased with the initiatives being undertaken “in working together to bridge gaps” to resolve some of the social challenges in Guyana.


Ms. Gerrard also said that she has founded a non-governmental organisation called One Act Foundation, which is aimed primarily at promoting mental health in children.


In addition, she said, “We are currently working along with some app developers in India to develop a mental health application so young people could have ready access to resources, whether it’s just literature on mental health… or actual contact with mental health professionals.”


Minister Ally commended Ms. Gerrard noting that the platform will help to reduce some of the stigma attached to this disease, particularly in the wake of the instances of suicide cases in Guyana.

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