Jagdeo questions when the Local Gov’t & Public Procurement Commissions will be established


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is reiterating the call for the establishment of the Local Government and Public Procurement Commissions, questioning the rationale behind the delay.


According to the Opposition Leader the Minister of Communities keeps making what he deems as “ridiculous excuses” as it relates to the delay in the establishment of the Local Government Commission.


He described the minister’s approach as a frivolous one.


Jagdeo said the People’s Progressive Party was criticized by the Opposition, now Government for not establishing the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), he therefore questioned if the Government is having second thoughts, since its establishment would expose Government’s capricious and dictatorship style as it relates to contracts.



According to him a significant part of the Terms of Reference for the PPC is already reflected in the Constitution, therefore it should not be an arduous task for Government.


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