Unlicensed guns and ammunition seized; three arrested


A 41-year-old driver of Palmyra, Berbice, a 32-year-old unemployed male from Bartica, and a 56-year-old businessman of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara were between last evening and this morning arrested for the possession of unlicensed firearms and matching rounds.


1. A 41-year-old driver of Palmyra, Berbice, was early this morning arrested with an unlicensed handgun and thirteen (13) rounds of ammunition.


An alert police patrol spotted the suspect who was driving his motor car on the Palmyra Public Road, about 0130h. The suspect upon seeing the patrol attempted to speed away but was intercepted and searched, during which the gun (9mm pistol) and ammunition were found on his person.


2. About 1830h. last evening an alert member of the Rural Constabulary observed a 32-year-old, unemployed, male from Bartica, in the Community of Wismar, Linden, with several bags acting in a suspicious manner.


A search was conducted on the suspect and the following spent shells and live ammunition were found in his possession.


Six (6) empty cartridges (casing)

Thirty-one (31) spent .32 and 9 mm shells

Twenty-one (21) live .32 and 9mm rounds


3. About 0145h. this morning ranks of the Guyana Police Force acting on information received conducted a search in a shop at Black Water Backdam, Konawaruk River, and found an unlicensed .32 revolver with three (3) matching rounds and three (3) spent shells.


A 56-year-old businessman of Diamond Housing Scheme, EBD, who claimed ownership, is in custody.

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