Ramnarine distances self from corrupt allegations


Acting Commissioner of police, David Ramnarine believes that efforts are afoot to tarnish his character by accusing him of unprofessional conduct.


Ramnarine told a press conference on Saturday last that he became of several claims both publicly and within the Guyana Police Force, which sought to bring his professionalism into question.


“A few days, there was an email circulating that I obstructed a murder investigation and that I was the most corrupt cop” he disclosed.


However, he noted that “if one were to listen to a complaint and one were to take the right action to thwart the efforts of certain officials, both in and out of the force who wanted to use their authority and their influence to intimidate, molest and frame innocent people, then my actions really could not be obstructing a murder investigation.”


The Acting Commissioner said a report has been submitted on the issue.


Contacted this afternoon, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan confirmed that he is in receipt of a report from the acting Commissioner of Police in relation to the allegations of obstruction of justice in a murder investigation.


The email was circulated by unknown persons to all divisional and branch commanders of the Guyana Police Force.


He also sought to respond to claims that he was involved in the sale of fire arm licenses; claims that did not go down well with Ramnarine who fired off.


“I was not the one who granted firearm licences to a known drug trafficker who skipped the United States came to this country and set up himself, and he has dozens of firearm licences… I am the one who refused to entertain an application from a relative of a known drug kingpin who requested additional firearm licences,” he said.


He went on to state that firearm licenses have been refused in large numbers over the last few months that he has been acting as Commissioner of Police.


Ramnarine said “I have never approved a riffle to anyone in this country, save and expect that it has been approved by the firearm licensing board” and further called for an investigation in to the matter.

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