Vendors and Stallholders unite against City Hall “victimisation”


Concerned vendors and stallholders of the various markets within the city today picketed the Georgetown Municipality saying that for far too long they have been victimized and bullied by those in authority.


The concerns were many ranging from no consultations along with constant harassment from City Constabularies.

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The vendors noted that instead of working with them, the officials are constantly involved in a battle against them.


“I out here today because I want betterment” was echoed by all of the vendors who spoke to the News Room. Vendors from Stabroek Market, Penitence Market, and other parts of the city noted that they are being victimized by the council.


Among decisions being protested is the recent move by the council to restrict vending from under the canopy of the Stabroek Market, the request to have vendors at the Penitence Market only ply their trade between 08:00am and 12:00 noon and the lack of consultations.


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The vendors are all part of the newly formed Guyana Market Vendors Union which is being represented by former city councillor Eon Andrews.


He said after the body was legally registered and approved by the registrar of trade unions since July 28, 2016, the Town Clerk continues to sideline the body.


Andrews believes that the picketing exercise is one way of getting the attention of those at City Hall while giving the vendors a voice.


“We are hoping that good sense will prevail and the council will sit and reach with this union so that we can sit and discuss the way forward and how we can work together to keep the city as it ought to be. Failing which, we will continue to protest, we are hoping that somebody will understand what we are doing here because what is developing is a kind of disquiet or silent anger that is developing. If this thin thing explodes, it will be more or less a kind of upheaval in this city” he explained.


The Guyana Market Vendors Union is looking to represent between 500 to 700 individuals from several markets across the city.

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