Workers of MPI ‘s Special Projects unit disgruntled after not receiving 10% increase


Some 187 Workers of the Public Infrastructure’s Special Projects Unit are dissatisfied with the treatment they have been receiving over the years, given the importance of their duties and the long hours they work.


A source at the Ministry informed the News Room that the unit has not been regularized for the over 15 years it has been in operation.


The source claimed that Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, earlier this year promised the workers that the department would be regularized allowing them to benefit from the pay increases.


However, they came in for a surprise when the payments in their bank accounts did not reflect this increase. Some workers claimed that they have not been paid for this month.


They also claimed that attempts to contact the relevant authorities proved futile; hence they are now calling on President David Granger to look into the matter.


When News Room visited the Unit on Monday the workers were in the compound on a sit in and vented their frustration.



Meantime, News Room made contact with Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson earlier today, however, he informed that he could not respond at the time, but has not returned any correspondence to this news entity.


Efforts to contact Minister within the Ministry, Annette Ferguson also proved futile thus far.


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