Competition & Consumer Affairs Commission holds seminar on consumer protection in the Auto Industry


The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission today commenced the first of two seminars focusing on Consumer Protection in the Auto Industry and the Application of the Consumer Affairs Act Number 13 of 2011.


According to the Bureau the awareness exercise targets both consumers and suppliers, however today’s seminar focused primarily on the suppliers.


The Commission says it has received complaints relating to the business practices involving the sale of vehicles, financing and after sale guarantees.


Consumers and suppliers through the informative seminars are being made aware of the principles governing the Consumer Affairs Act, such as, warranties, receipts and unfair contract terms predominantly present in hire purchase or sales agreement.


Commissioner and attorney Ronald Burch-Smith in his presentation dealt with unfair contract terms and other offences in the Auto Industry such as price fixing, conspiracy, bid-rigging and misleading advertising explained in accordance with the law.


Attorney Ronald Burch-Smith
Attorney Ronald Burch-Smith

 Suppliers were also given the opportunity to raise concerns and seek clarifications.


The Commission said suppliers have to operate in a manner that guarantees the best interest of the society as a whole and not partake in any activity that seeks to alter the natural flow of the economy.

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