Man “conspired” and “hatched” plan to execute murder while incarcerated


According to the Guyana Police Force (GPF), a man who was recently charged for a murder while he was incarcerated, had “conspired and hatched the plan to execute the crime.”


Following the publication of an article in the Monday edition of the Kaieteur Newspaper under the caption “Man charged with businesswoman’s murder was in jail when she was slain”, several questions were raised by citizens.


The article suggested that the “Police may have made a major blunder in their investigations”, however in a statement today, the GPF said the man and the other accused whilst incarcerated “conspired” and “hatched” the plan to execute the crime, which he admitted under caution.


It added that legal advice was sought and obtained, resulting in the institution of the joint capital charge.


31-year -old Delroy Park of Cromarty Farm, Corentyne Berbice, 29- year -old Cordell Small of Lot 34 Johnstown, Corriverton and 29- year- old Premchan Kallicharran of Lot 29 Grant 1780 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice were charged with the February 7, 2016, murder of Xiu Di Yang; owner of the Gin LI Lai Restaurant at Lot 1B No. 57 village.


During the time of the murder, Small was incarcerated in the New Amsterdam Prison, the report said.

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