Villagers hunting serial rapist


By Leroy Smith

Villagers from a community on the East Bank of Essequibo are outraged following the rape of a 28-year-old woman on Tuesday.


News Room was told that the mother of four was raped as she was walking through an alleyway which is bordered by thick vegetation, on her way to work.


The woman is currently hospitalised, however her mother told News Room what was related to her by her daughter.


“Yesterday around 11, she leave to go out to work and shortly after she left, I hear her calling for me, so when I run out in front, I saw her face all out in blood and all her clothes in blood so I ask her if is accident, she say no, she got raped” the distraught mother said.


She further noted that her daughter sustained several injuries.


“She got raped, her eye lid bite off” she said.


The victim’s children, ages 7, 5, 3 and 2 are being cared for by other relatives.


It was reported that the woman had already passed the bushy track and was awaiting a minibus to head to her workplace when a man emerged from the bushes and called out to her and told her that a female residing at a house through the street was calling her.


The unsuspecting woman then attempted to retrace her path to the house but was grabbed and molested under a tree.


“According to how it happened, it seem like the person passed through here a lot” her mother said.


Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Leslie James was approached for a comment on the matter. He noted that investigations are ongoing and nothing can be disclosed at this time.


The incident has enraged the residents of the community who are now working with the police and relatives to locate the perpetrator.


News Room was informed that the alleged rapist committed the dastardly act on another woman at the same location; however that woman did not file a police report.

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