Major Hindu bodies should come to a consensus on Diwali date- Ramjattan


By Leroy Smith

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan said that he did not unilaterally decide on the date for this year’s Diwali but consulted with two major Hindu organisations and overseas bodies.


During an exclusive Interview with the News Room, the Public Security Minister said that he was forced to seek external advice after the major groups could not agree on the date.


“These two factions have indicated to me what must be the day. The Dharmic Sabha has indicated the 30th and the Viraat Sabha has indicated the 29th. Last year was the same problem and I asked them to explain to me how come you’ll get this Diwali day correct; I got a letter from the Dharmic Sabha and I got one from the Viraat Sabha and I decided. It is based on a certain calculation of new moon and all of that, I am no expert on this but I was impressed with the argument of the Viraat Sabha and I picked up the phone and called Trinidad…and it coincided with the Viraat Sabha…and I also picked up the phone and call Suriname and it coincided” Ramjattan explained.


The minister said that he encouraged the two sides to have dialogue on the issue but he is aware that they are not arriving at any form of compromise.


“It is annoying it is worrisome for me that this is happening but I have to call the date,” the minister said. However, he noted that there should be consensus.


Despite agreeing with the date submitted by the Viraat Sabha, he said that he has not deprived the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Shaba, headed by People’s Progressive Party’s Member, Dr. Vindhya Persaud of its request to have its iconic motorcade. He noted that he has assured the organisation that the police and all other resources to ensure the security of the event will be provided.


Beginning last year, the date for Diwali Celebrations in Guyana became a contentious issue.

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