Private Sector believes state incapable of protecting citizens


By Leroy Smith

In light of what is being regarded as an increase in the number of crimes; particularly gun-related crimes, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) believes that the state is incapable of protecting the citizens.


Reading from a prepared speech, Chairman of the PSC, Eddie Boyer on Friday suggested that the confidence in the police and the government which represents the state is fading.


“We believe deeply that it is felt in the National concern of every citizen over the inability of the state to generally protect our citizens, from widespread gun inspired crimes threaten their wellbeing and safety. We believe that each and every one of our ordinary citizen feels threatened regardless of where they happen to be” the Chairman said.


It was further disclosed that the body recently met with Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan and expressed its concerns. However, despite this, there is at least one recommendation which the private sector sees as vital but was downplayed by the minister.


Member and former Chairman of the Commissioner Major General retired Norman McLean told media operatives that “we need to have detection plus so that the court play their part for us to have tertiary crime prevention. Not only detect and prosecute people but ensure that ultimately, they appear in the court and in a timely manner, are dealt with.”


The Commission also called for the police to be more visible in the communities noting that there needs to be a more targeted approach in the allocation of resources.


“The issue of patrols; while the police may be short in resources, the fact that you have a concentration of criminal activities happening in Prashad Nagar, Bel Air park, Berbice at this time and we don’t see intensified patrols; along the corridors from the CJIA coming down at 2am…police presence is a deterrent. Something is wrong the planning and deployment of our anti-crime units” Gouveia said. He further lambastes the defective 911 system.


The PSC said the administration is not addressing these issues in the interest of members of the business community only but more so because every single day citizens are suffering.


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