22 Medical Practitioners providing free services to residents of Regions One and Two


Twenty-two Medical Practitioners from the Canada- Guyana Mission (CanGo) are currently in Guyana and have commenced provision of medical services to the residents of Regions One and Two.


According to the Ministry of Public Health, the mission is expected to last for two weeks and will come to a conclusion on November 23, 2016.


Focusing primarily on family medicine and health awareness in various aspects, the multidisciplinary team consists of a pediatrician, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech language pathologist, who will be working with patients with developmental disorders and mental issues at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital in Charity, Kumaka District Hospital in Santa Rosa, Kabakaburi Health Post, Karawab Health Post in the Pomeroon River. The team also consists of a family physician, dentist family physician, gynecologist, audiologist, pulmonologist, pharmacist, and nurses.


The Audiologist will be running Audiology Clinics in Santa Rosa and Waramuri while the Gynecologist will perform VIA (screening for cervical cancer) and STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing on women in the various villages, the Ministry said.


The professionals are expected to roll out a massive public awareness programme in each area to focus on management of high blood pressure, controlling diabetes, proper nutrition, and dental care, etc. will also be given by the physicians. Information flyers will be circulated after each session.

Medications will be administered to residents free of cost after which they will continue with follow-up care at the nearest health facility in their region.


Some of the executive members on Friday paid a courtesy call to the Minister of Public Health. Dr. George Norton commended the team for their efforts and expressed gratitude to them for wanting to serve the people of Guyana especially in the remote areas.


Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care to the underprivileged population of Guyana. Its mission is to promote health care in developing countries by providing confidential, compassionate and supportive medical services to the general population.


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