One Subordinate Officer, five police constables dismissed from GPF


By Leroy Smith

Five constables and a subordinate officer have been dismissed during the month of October. This is according to Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine during a Press Conference today.


As he wraps up his 100 days as Acting Commissioner, Ramnarine addressed the media on the issues of complaints, police misconduct, mounted branch expansion and traffic and crime issues.


Ramnarine did not disclose the names of the officers, however, he noted that “one of the misconduct has to do with the subordinate officer not being able to account for a .32 firearm received by her, while on duty, having been lodged by a civilian of which has since gone missing. It is very difficult indeed.”


He further reiterated that previously, nine firearms were lost, stolen or misplaced under strange circumstances, 7 of which were .32 pistols, noting that based on evidence, the .32 is that infamous pistol being used.


At the end of September, Ramnarine had disclosed that the Guyana Police Force had fired 30 police officers for various offenses.


From August 01 to October 25, there were 193 complaints against police officers while in 2016, there were 154 complaints in the corresponding period. Additionally, the chairman of the Police Complaints Authority has indicated an overall decrease in the number of complaints.


The Acting Commissioner said his 100 days in office were not without challenges but while he leaves it up to the public to judge his performance and that of the other officers who functioned in various capacities, he feels they worked well.


Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud will be returning from his leave on Tuesday.


At the moment there are only thirteen Senior Officers who remain on leave and ten of them would return to the job by November 15, Ramnarine explained.

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