Police Ramps up visibility in Berbice


The Guyana Police Force has increased its resources in the Berbice area to better respond to reports of crime and foster better community relations.


During a Press Conference on Monday, acting Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine noted that stringent efforts are on the way to operationalise mounted patrols at Black Bush polder and its environs out of the Mibikuri police station at a cost of almost 4 Million dollars.”


He said that two subordinate officers and two constables have been dispatched to the area along with the required resources to perform their functions.


“With horses and with the usual administrative and logistic upkeep as well as the necessary infrastructure that will aid them in patrolling the backlands, not only to forge and sustain good community relations but to enhance our awareness and knowledge of the large territory and also to improve our response to reports of crime, in the end, building the much needed protection to the farming community in general” Ramnarine said.


In the past, there have been several reports in the media in which residents in Region six voiced their concerns in relation to the time taken by the officers to respond to their reports. It is now expected that these instances would be reduced with the expansion of Mounted branch in that area.

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