Two Mothers are certain that a businessman is behind their sons’ disappearance


Two mothers are losing hope that after one year there is still no sign of their missing sons or any tangible evidence that might provide a trace of them. The women are now convinced that a businessman might behind the alleged abduction.


September 10, 2016, marked one year since Carlos Anderson and National footballer, Ronson Williams went missing.


After months of investigations and dead ends the Police are yet to make an arrest or any headway in their investigations.


Today, the mother of 20-year-old Carlos Anderson said she is confident that a businessman from Industry on the East Coast of Demerara who was robbed is linked to her son and his friend’s disappearance, as she pleads for a closure.


According to the woman back in February this year a prominent businessman was taken into Police custody in relation to the two men’s disappearance.


“From what information I received, it’s pertaining to money. That I was told by the police, it is money that went missing we don’t know…On the 3rd of September, 2015, there was a businessman house that was robbed but somehow it seems to me that from the understanding that I am getting and information that I am getting was that it was an inside job. At approximately 10 ‘O’ clock on the 3rd, the Businessman did make a report at the Sparendaam police station about this money missing but what I’m curious to know is how did Ronisson get to this Businessman premise, there was a video that showing Carlos meeting Ronisson on the streets of Industry and they had a conversation and eventually they gave one and another a pound and it looks like saying ‘you watch over for me” the woman said during an interview with News Room.


Mrs. Anderson said while she is not pointing fingers but is only looking for closure after living without her son for so long.


She is now once more turning to the public for help with new clues especially those in Industry where the businessman was allegedly robbed.


“I mean I am pleased with how the police is progressing and they’re trying to get the ends and odds but I am asking for the public’s support to just close this case,” the woman said.


Carlos mother said if her son was bad, then there was no reason to be pushing the issue, but at the same time, she is not denying that he may have been following the wrong company.


Meanwhile, Williams’s mother, Desiree Carter told the News Room recently that she is not getting answers too.


“I don’t want to hear wuh they do and where they went, I want to hear where they are,” Carter said.


Several persons were questioned and released as the case involving the missing men remains unsolved and open.


News Room also understands that Gary Mervin Primo also known as ‘Gary Talkout’ is no longer a person of interest after the Police would have issued a wanted bulletin for him. It was alleged that he was said to be the suspect in the abduction of Anderson and Williams but with the lack of evidence the Police can no longer hold his passport.

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