Food and Drug Department to seize unlabelled processed foods


Unlabelled foods are in most cases manufactured and /or packaged under unsanitary conditions by unlicensed manufacturers and may be subjected to mixing with substandard and or expired foods. In this regard, the Government Analyst – Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) is advising the general public against the selling and purchasing of unlabelled items of processed foods, such as flour, milk, sauces, spices and beverages.


In a statement on Monday, the department said “the sale of unlabelled processed foods is in contravention to the Laws of Guyana Food and Drug Act Chapter 34:03 Part II Section 6. (2) and the Food and Drug Regulation No. 10 of 1977 section 18. (1). Manufacturers and food processors who are involved in this prohibitive practice are guilty of an offence according to the Food and Drug Act.”


The Food and Drug Department highlighted that consumers are taking a risk when purchasing unlabelled foods that is void of information (name and address of manufacturer, batch number, expiry date, list of ingredients etc.) in the event of food poisoning, complaint or the need for legal action against manufacturers or packagers.


It was further disclosed that unlabelled packages are in some cases recycled and cannot guarantee the nutritional value of the food product and consumers cannot guarantee the correct weight or measure of foods.


As such the department will be moving seize and confiscate unlabelled foods that are consistently being released for sale on the local market in large volumes.

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