Guyana Fashion Week to pay tribute to ‘brand Guyana’


Guyana Fashion Week (GFW) slated for November 06-13 at the Pegasus, will be paying tribute to our ‘brand Guyana’ in observance of the country’s 50th Independence anniversary an integration of performing arts, visual arts and beauty arts in the identity-branding mission of the executive of GFW.

A statement from the organisers of the event on Tuesday noted that the week of activities “is earmarked to provide platforms for workshops in on-trend designer collection awareness, cutting-edge fashion model preparatifs, model/designer awards and local, regional and international designer collections.”

“We are looking forward to broadening our market reach and intensify our brand equity. We are making inroads with our designers not only in Guyana, but in the Caribbean and throughout the Diaspora”, says CEO of GFW, Dr Sonia Noel. She firmly believes that with the outreach programmes coordinated by both her and GFW’s creative director, the sky’s the limit for advancement of the creative nationals. Working through the Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts, she is constantly creating opportunities for young stylists.

Richard Young, Creative director of GFW, is heartened by the response to the event, this year. “Guyanese designers are stepping up to the plate! I have been workshopping with them to upgrade their story-telling approaches, using their creative sensibilities to define their looks.” There is a burgeoning of fashion talent in Guyana. GFW has been honing their style insights and appreciation, over the years and this year we welcome Walter Greene, Guyanese born, New York-based fashion connoisseur to host a workshop on developing collections. Also he has been positioning young models for exposure beyond Guyana. In the last two seasons of Caribbean’s Next Top Model, Guyanese models have figured significantly.

Keron Noble, GFW’s production manager says, the models represent the widest possible cross-section of our six races so the programme’s appeal is manifold.

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