Half of Government’s housing programme to cost US$250M


The projected cost of 50% of Government’s housing programme is US$250M (GY$50B) while GY$60B is needed for completion of infrastructure in existing schemes. This is according to the Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), Hamilton Green.


In a statement on Tuesday, the Green said the cost is one of the major challenges faced to bring coherence to a housing programme that provides solutions or shelter as opposed to the sale of house lots.


Previously it was disclosed that the government has conceptualised a new model to improve the housing delivery system with the building and supply of housing units. It was noted that this will address the backlog of 25,000 applicants, particularly the 17,851 who can be classified as low-income households; as 28,220 (45%) of the lots granted under the People’s Progressive Party between 1992 and 2015 are still unoccupied.


The previous programme Green described as “an overly ambitious programme.”


He noted that the aim of the new model is “to move beyond the provision of serviced lots to create livable and wholesome communities through the provision of full infrastructure; the necessary social facilities and services”. It also addresses the issue of reduction in infrastructure cost, since it seeks to increase density and improve living conditions of both coastal dwellers and hinterland Indigenous households, he added.

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