Berbice man caught with cocaine and quantity of cash


By Royan Abrams


An Alness, Corentyne man was arrested after police in ‘B’ Division found a quantity of cocaine and a large sum of local and foreign currency in his possession during a raid on a house at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne yesterday.


News Room understands that ranks from the Whim Police Station, following a tip off visited the lot 16 Rose Hall Town home which is owned by a businessman, in search of guns, ammunition, a wanted person and drugs, when the discovery was made.


According to information received, the businessman was not at home but a man whose name was given as Floyd London of Alness Village was seen in the lower flat of the house. He then ran into the building upon seeing the ranks.


After suspecting that something was amiss, the police officers made their way into the yard and surrounded the house during which one of the officers broke a pipe and a whitish substance, suspected to be cocaine scattered on the ground.


News Room was told that the officers called out to the suspect to open the door, which he did, following which  85 pieces of the substance in rock- like form was picked up.


According to the police, the suspect was taken back into the house where a search was conducted and GYD $651,260 and US $500 were found in a bedroom which police believe are proceeds from the sales of the suspected drug.


London was taken to the Whim Police station where the suspected cocaine was weighed in his presence and amounted to 17.2 grammes. He is presently in police custody pending charges

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