The Spotlight; takes the showcasing of local talent to another level


With calls for more attention to be placed on the creative industry, the ENetworks/Red Entertainment talent show “The Spotlight” is halfway to revealing who will be walking away with the grand prize of $2.5M.


After weeks of intense competition, The Spotlight is down to nine contestants who are either singing or dancing and in one case painting.


The show which began on E-Networks Channel One with just 15 contestants in October, is aired every Wednesday evening at 8pm. This week the show will feature a Guest Judge who goes by the name Dublin.


Red Entertainment Organizers told News Room that the E-Networks collaboration is not only promoting local talent but it also raises the level of television production in the country.


Co-Owner of Red Entertainment, Saskia Wyngaarde stated that “the way we formatted the show, we gave everybody an equal chance to be judged under The Spotlight and it actually brought out a lot of creativity among the top 15 and even the top 30.”


Co-Owner, Kristina King encourage persons to stay tuned in “and support our local artistes.”


With just five more episodes left, tensions are high as the top three finalists will have to compete for the grand prize.


In order to find out if your favorite act is safe from being eliminated then you will have to keep following the Spotlight as another person will be going home.

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