“We would like to see fewer weapons in the hands of private citizens” -President


President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, David Granger on Thursday expressed his view that weapons should only be carried by law enforcement agencies.


During a recording of his weekly program, ‘The Public’s Interest’, the president said while he has nothing against licensed firearm holders, “we would like to see fewer weapons in the hands of private citizens. It is my personal view that weapons should be used by law enforcement agencies, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force.”


The President further disclosed that there are instances where licensed firearm holders are using their weapons to also aid criminal activities. “We have heard stories now, legitimate firearms license holders who rent their weapons out to criminals who would go and rob somebody and maybe give them a part of the loot,” he said.


However, he noted that many of the illegal firearms are traced to Brazil and therefore the security of the borders will also be looked at.


On Wednesday, the President met with the Military Commander of the North of the Brazilian Armed Forces, General Carlos Alberto Neiva Barcellos. Among issues discussed at the meeting were issues relating to security and territorial integrity as well as the existing areas of cooperation between the two countries.


The government is also looking at “reducing the frequency or controlling the ease at which some people can get weapons”, President Granger noted.


Recent reports revealed that the APNU+AFC administration is establishing a core of wardens who according to the President “may have law enforcement powers”. They will be operating in the gold mining, timber producing and tourism areas to provide protection and aid in the detection of holders of illegal firearms.

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