Two charges still pending against Duncan; Harmon says tribunal to complete its work after High Court ruling


State Minister Joseph Harmon while reluctant to comment much on the Carvil Duncan matter, today said the dismissal of one charge against Duncan is not enough for Government to change its position, pointing out that there are still two other charges pending in the court against him.


The State Minister Joseph told the media that the tribunal established to investigate the competency of Duncan has done its work and government is simply awaiting the outcome of the High court case before it can complete its work, which involves the handing over of the report to President David Granger.


However, one of the attorneys representing Duncan, Anil Nandlall in a press release on Wednesday said the dismissal of the criminal charges against Duncan vindicates his innocence.


He noted that “the prosecution has failed to rebut the constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence which his client enjoys. Therefore, in the eyes of the law, Duncan has committed no legal wrong. ”



According to Nandlall, in the circumstances, the “President is now obliged to do the decent thing, which is, to disband the Tribunal forthwith and to rescind his suspension of Mr. Duncan from performing his various constitutional functions.”


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