Body fished out of the Mazaruni River; Family receives conflicting reports


By Malisa Playter Harry


The body of a 44-year-old welder was on Sunday fished out of the Mazaruni River.


The man, Timothy Fraser of Savannah Park Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam reportedly went missing a day prior to him being found dead.


With information still a bit sketchy, family members have expressed concern over the way the matter was reported to them.


According to the dead man’s mother, Valerie Fraser, the family received conflicting stories surrounding the man’s disappearance. She said on Saturday she received a telephone call from her son’s work site which is located in the Mazaruni district stating that he was missing.


She related that the caller claimed that Timothy was dressed in his work attire awaiting a boat to go for a swim, however, when the boat arrived, only his clothing was seen.


News Room understands that the family was subsequently told that Timothy had gone to another location in the interior to work.


On Saturday afternoon, however, they were then told that he left to go to the waterfront and only his clothes were found at the waterfront.


According to Fraser, when she called on Sunday she was told of another story. The woman said she was told that Timothy was on a boat sitting on a chair which fell overboard and he went into the water to get the chair.


“It is a metal chair and as soon as it goes into the water it will go down. Timothy will not take off his clothes and go into the water knowing that he was going to weld,” she noted.


Meanwhile, another relative, Keno Fraser who traveled to the area after the initial report stated that when he saw the body, it was swollen which indicated that it had been in the water for more that 24-hours.


A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body today.


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