PPP highlights “ineptitude” of gov’t; cites corruption & lack of proper crime fighting strategy


General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee speaking at the weekly press conference today said the ineptitude of the Government is affecting the lives and economic well-being of groups of Guyanese.


According to Rohee it is an undisputed fact that the present regime is “insensitive, cynical and discriminatory in nature.”


He cited that “another attack has been launched on the private sector by Mr. Granger, branding them corrupt and of aiding and abetting corruption. This is the ultimate manifestation of deception on the part of the Granger administration.

By way of this attack, Mr. Granger seeks to deflect public attention from his camp where corruption is like a cancer eating away at the sinews of every branch of his administration.He has finally admitted that his government has failed in the fight against corruption because in effect it has become a partner in white collar crime,” he noted.


The General secretary reminded of a promise President David Granger made in 2013 while in opposition, to launch a Commission of Inquiry into the “East Coast Troubles.” Rohee said  “he (Granger) has studiously avoided setting up a Commission of Inquiry to deal with the so-called ‘East Coast Troubles’.”

“How come this particular Commission of Inquiry is no longer a priority? Or was it just a red flag that was being waved to whip up political sympathy for his 2015 elections campaign?

Clearly, this is another manifestation of a failed President who likes to pretend that he is standing on the side of the law and the Constitution but who, at the same time, has embarked on a path to criminalize public policies pursued by the previous PPP/C administration,” the General Secretary questioned.


The bottom-line, according to Rohee  is that the Government’s actions are aimed at poisoning the political atmosphere in Guyana.


As it relates to crime fighting and revocation of firearm licences, the PPP General Secretary noted that this move by government must be viewed from two perspectives.

“First, as a distraction, and second, as an act of desperation aimed at shoring-up government’s failed crime fighting policy. But the most ridiculous aspect of this move by government is the rationale given for proceeding in this direction; They claim that they have been ‘hearing stories’; And that licenced firearm holders ‘may be’ renting their firearm to criminal elements” Is this the basis on which this campaign is going to be launched…Hearsay? Shouldn’t such a campaign be evidence-based? Rather than speculation-based? What scientific research or studies have been done to justify such a move on the part of government?” he said.

The link between guns and violence, Rohee said is a complex matter.

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