Kitty Market stallholders to pay increased fees- King


Ahead of the completion of the Kitty Market, Town Clerk, Royston King is touting an increase in stall rental fees.


“Yes there will be increase in stall rents because we are putting in modern facilities, we’ve increased the space so there will be an increase in stall rents but again we will have to call in the vendors to a proper consultations with them before we increase stall rents” the Town Clerk said.


The rehabilitation of the Kitty Market was scheduled to be completed at the beginning of November, 2016, however, there is yet another extension to that deadline.


King disclosed that the facility will not be completed for the Christmas season. “I am not sure we are going to be able to make it for the festive season but we continue to work” the Town Clerk said.


Lack of funds and inadequate materials are being touted as the main reasons for the market project being slowed down.


From the beginning of the Kitty Market restoration project, stallholders have complained about not being told much about the plans to restore the building and according to King this is far from the truth.


“They’re being informed as we go along. If there is no new information, to say to the vendors, then there is nothing new to say” King said.


Stallholders have also expressed concern about the layout of the market and the lack of ventilation for those who will be selling inside.


City Hall has reported that in order to have the entire facility up and ready, it will cost the Council an estimated $240M.

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