Police investigating assault on journalist


Police investigators at the Brickdam Police Station are investigating a report of assault committed on News Room Senior Crime and Security Journalist Leroy Smith by Mervin Messiah who is employed at the Yokohama Trading in Kingston.

According to information reaching this newscast and which is corroborated by video footage, Smith was prevented from doing his duties by Messiah as he attempted to film the building that houses the Yokohama trading and which was robbed on Monday under suspicious circumstances.

It is being reported that Smith and a cameraman arrived at the location and after a brief discussion with office staff at the establishment, Smith exited the building and instructed his cameraman to take video footage of the premises from the opposite side of the road.

During his attempt to do so, the cameraman was attacked by Messiah who arrived at the location, went into the building and then proceeded to walk up to the cameraman and demanded that he stop videoing.

The cameraman who was clearly intimidated and shaken by the approach of Messiah decided not to continue to film, prompting the reporter to collect the camera and proceed to get his shots.

Messiah proceeded to block the lens of the camera and while smith insisted that he will continue taking the video footage, Messiah slapped the reporter’s hands, almost causing the camera to fall to the ground.

This prompted Smith to immediately make contact with the police who arrived at the location within minutes.

The employee was escorted to the Brickdam Police station where reports were taken by both parties. It was also at the station that the accused told the police that Smith assaulted a security guard and ripped his shirt.

That information was however not communicated to the police who responded to the report of assault nor was that security guard present at the station to file a report of assault against Smith.

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