Prime suspect in Bartica Robbery arrested; 85% items recovered


The prime suspect who last Sunday morning broke into a Variety Store at First Avenue, Bartica and carted off with electronics and other items valued in excess of $3.2M was this morning arrested and will face the court soon.

Police report stated that between 03:00hrs to 05:00hrs on Sunday last, the three-story business premises owned by Bartica’s Deputy Mayor, Ms. Kamal Persaud was burglarized and a number of items including jewellery, electronic appliances and gadgets, including cellular phones valued in excess of $3.2 million dollars were stolen.

Entry was gained through an eastern window, on the upper flat of the building, the police said.

A 38-year-old Berbician was arrested in Bartica early this morning in connection with the robbery.

At the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of some of the stolen articles inclusive of a cellular phone and pieces of jewellery which were positively identified by its owner.

Later, the suspect took investigators to a house where he handed over almost eighty-five percent of the stolen items. He has since given the lawmen vital information as to where the remaining items can be retrieved, the police said.

Investigations are ongoing.

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