President foresees no diminishing relations with U.S- Congratulates Trump on win


President David Granger has extended congratulations to President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, noting that he is looking forward to continued collaboration between the two countries.

He noted that Security is one of Guyana’s major collaboration with the U.S and he is confident that support in this regard will not diminish.

Following an event at State House this morning, the Head of State said, “This is a matter for the American people.”

He said “America is a democratic country and the elections were conducted in a transparent manner. I think there is no country in the world that is not aware of what was happening over the last six months, so even if some Guyanese had to vote, they were fully aware of the programme of the two major candidates.”

Guyana and the US share fifty years of bilateral relations.

Donald Trump will become the 45th US president in January 2017, after a stunning victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Republican nominee’s victory came down to a handful of key swing states, despite months of polling that favoured Mrs Clinton.

The real estate tycoon, former reality TV star and political newcomer, who was universally ridiculed when he declared his candidacy in June last year, said his victory had been “tough”.

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