UPDATED; Maids tied up as bandits rob Clement Rohee’s home


The police are hunting four persons following a robbery at the home of former Minister of Home Affairs and General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee.

The News Room was informed that the robbery took place just after 11:00hrs on Wednesday morning at the Eccles, East Bank Demerara home of the politician. Neither Rohee nor his wife was at home during the robbery, however, the house maids were at home at the time of the incident.

According to Rohee, he received a call from his neighbour while at work this morning informing him that police ranks were at his residence.

Rohee related that “there are two domestic helpers working here and the grilled back door was left opened by one of them and three men armed with guns and a knife entered the back, tied them up with duct tape, took them upstairs and began demanding gold and cash. Of course, they know nothing about that. They assaulted them for a brief while and then they began to ransack the house from top to bottom”.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Calvin Brutus also spoke to the media in relation to the robbery where he disclosed that the vehicle used to transport the perpetrators has been recovered.

However, what he said was told to the police in relation to the bandits accessing the premises differ.

The maids “claimed that when the persons entered the gate, they saw the movements and they came downstairs and opened the door by which time the three males forced their way into the home, tied them up, demanded cash and other valuables, one purportedly had a handgun, they were unable to ascertain what was missing at that time, however, we received information in relation to the car number; PRR514” the Commander said.

He disclosed that the car was traced to the registered owner at Success, East Coast Demerara. It was found that the owner of the vehicle is currently in England but the vehicle was attached to a car rental in Georgetown.

It was found that the car was rented by a woman who is being sought by the police.

The police are acquiring footage from surrounding CCTV cameras to ascertain who were the perpetrators.

Rohee added that some cash and jewellery have been taken away from the house, however he is yet to ascertain the amount. He dispelled rumours that his firearms were taken during the robbery.

Investigations are ongoing.

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