Autopsy shows welder died of blunt trauma to the head


by Malisa Playter Harry


An autopsy conducted on the body of Timothy Fraser, 44 years, a welder that worked in the Mazaruni River stated that he died from blunt trauma to the Head.

The Autopsy which was conducted by Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh on Wednesday also indicates that Fraser would have been dead two days prior to him being reported missing by colleagues.

Investigators have since launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. Two men are currently in police custody while investigators are on the hunt for several others.

Fraser of Savannah Park Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam was fished out of the Mazaruni River Sunday last.

Mother of the dead man, Valerie Fraser said from all reports received, her son drowned in the Mazaruni Waters. He was working with a mining company for over two months when he was reported missing.

She was told by his colleagues that Fraser was dressed in his work clothes while waiting on a boat to pick him up but after some time had elapsed he allegedly decided to go for a swim.

Her son’s colleagues alleged that when the boat arrived his clothing was seen but Fraser was nowhere to be found. She was also told that Fraser was sitting on a boat when he accidentally fell overboard and lastly that her son would have gone to another location to work.

The distraught woman is seeking justice for her son’s death. None of the welder’s working equipment and clothing could be found in the camp.


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