President Granger US has sovereign right to deport illegal immigrants; says Guyana must be prepared


President David Granger speaking during his most recent recording of The Public Interest when asked to share his thoughts on the new elected President of the United States claim on the campaign trail that illegal immigrants would be deported said any sovereign state has the right to deal with illegality.

The president said as far as he is concerned it is within the jurisdiction of a sovereign state to expel illegal aliens, however he said his Government just wants to be prepared for any eventuality.

President Granger informed that the Minister of Public Security is aware of the matter and would have to ensure that measures are put in place to ensure those deportees do not try to perpetrate crimes once they return to Guyana.

The New president elect of the US, Donald Trump during the campaign trail had called for the deportation of millions of immigrants living in the US illegally and for the end of automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners on US soil.

He had said too that the US government would work to find ways to avoid splitting apart families and that some should be allowed to eventually return.

This had caused outrage with many expressing worry than once elected he would send droves of immigrants back home.

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