‘Reggae Racers’ here to ‘mash up’ South Dakota on Sunday


By Rawle Toney

Their names are synonymous with motor racing, not only in Jamaica, but in the Caribbean, and, now Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and Peter ‘Zoom-Zoom’ Rae are leading a Jamaica contingent who are promising to ‘mash up’ South Dakota Circuit on Sunday.

It’s the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) and as usual, the region’s top drivers and riders along with their machines, will invade Guyana.

Peter 'Zoom-Zoom' Rae
Peter ‘Zoom-Zoom’ Rae

For some, it’s the last ‘hooray’ to either cement their championship, or, to make a final push, while for others it provides a chance to showcase their skills in-front of an estimated 20,000 spectators for bragging rights.

“Make no mistakes, Jamaica is here to win and nothing else” Gore told the News Room at an exclusive interview before heading off for a day of testing and fine-tuning preparation ahead of tomorrow’s (Saturday) time-trials.

Gore drives an Audi TT which he said has been flawless this season, owing such to his hard working crew.

According to Gore “the Audi really didnt give me any trouble this season. It has been working perfect all year-round and I have my team to thank for that. So, I think on Sunday, Guyanese should expect nothing but the best from me. It’s really possible for anyone to beat me or catch-up to my points, so i’m looking forward to going out there and just take it one race at a time”.

The Jamaican Gore (136 points) leads fellow countryman Kyle Gregg (43 points) in the Group-4 (4WD), and Trinidadian Kristian Boodosingh is third on 30 points.

Meanwhile, for Rae who competes in the Group 4 Two-Wheel drive category (2WD), coming to Guyana is something he looks forward too.

the veteran had a good outing in both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, but didnt compete in Barbados. However, behind the wheels of his Mazda Rx7, Rae is insisting that he’s going put on a show.

“I know a lot of the other guys are running pretty well, but, who knows me, knows that I am always in it until something happens. I dont expect anything to happen” Rae, who goes by the alias “Zoom-Zoom” told the News Room.

He (Rae), presently sits third on 108 points behind Barbados’ Mark Maloney (118 points) and group-leader Franklyn Boodhram (144 points) of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is safe to say that on Sunday, race fans will be getting more than they bargained for, with all the drivers promising to pull out all the stops.

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