‘Sex tape’ involves consenting adults- Pope’s Legal Counsel


Philbert London has secured the services of a prominent lawyer to look into his interest as it relates to the leak of recent sex tapes involving himself and several females from his Durban Street, Georgetown Church.

Today the News Room was able to secure an interview with Attorney at Law, Jerome Khan who is looking into the interest of Self-proclaimed Pope, Philbert London of Beacon Ministries, as the “Pope” refused to entertain the media.

“The issue is not the production of it, because the issue is not the production of it, there is no issue about persons being forced to do it, there is no issue of under aged children involved, this is an issue of consenting adults participating in a process and some persons or person having access to it, then sharing it with a news media who is now publishing this thing and making news out of it but; that it is fine, that’s fair- all is fair in the media, save and except not to damage innocent persons and that’s to me, my gravest concern…and the reproduction on various forms of social media” Khan said.

He added that it is his belief that there is “no criminality in terms of the conduct of my client and the issue has to be how the reporter came into contact with these images….and publish at nauseum without due consideration to the families involved, the parties who may have been seen.”

Khan said that he was advised that the reporter who first released the images via social media might have done that after he failed to secure a one on one interview with London on the content he received.

“These are my instructions which I have received from Mr. London; A News Reporter by the name of Travis Chase contacted him to discuss some issue with him of some concern and he was playing golf when he was contacted so he sent one of his assistant to speak with Travis and Travis was a bit upset that he did not get the chance to speak directly to Dr. London, as a result, he went ahead and publish some images involving Dr. London and some other innocent persons without the authority or consent of Dr. London or any of the persons” the Attorney-at-law outlined.

Over the weekend photographs and videos of London engaging in sexual activities with more than one woman surfaced on social media and has been in circulation since.

News Room will soon upload the entire video with Mr. Jerome Khan.

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