Joint Services conduct massive jail sweep in response to domestic security threat intel


By Leroy Smith


The Joint Services this morning commenced a massive sweep of the Camp Street Jail in Georgetown and the New Amsterdam Prison at Penitentiary Walk as part of what is expected to be a targeted and sustained countrywide operation by the joint services.

Yesterday the Government of Guyana announced that Citizens should not be alarmed as they are likely to see an increased presence of Joint Services as part of operations to defuse a potential domestic threat which the Government says it has creditable information on.

It was only last month that the Private Sector Commission called for the possible inclusion of the Guyana Defence Force in the day to day security operations to address what was being regarded as an increase in criminal activities.

The statement which the Government issued on Friday afternoon said that in addition to the creditable information about a possible domestic security threat, the joint services are being deployed given the “increased criminal activity”. It would be the first time in recent months that Government has admitted that criminal activities are on the increase.

There is a request by the Government for the citizens to cooperate with the men and women in uniforms as they seek to increase the presence of choppers in the air space and uniformed joint service personnel on the ground in an effort to keep the citizens safe, which the Government describes as a top priority.

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