Sporting Lisbon hoping to get affiliated with Fruta Conquerors


By Treiston Joseph

Local club side Fruta Conquerors is forming worldwide connections that will only improve the club in the long run. It was revealed on Friday that Portugal based club Sporting Lisbon is hoping to get itself affiliated with the Tucville based club.

The first sign of a fruitful relationship between the two came when Fruta Conquerors defender Jeremy Garrett through newly elected President of the Club, Alex Bunbury, received a nine-day trial stint with the club, set to start later this month.

However, Bunbury revealed at a recent press conference that the relationship will extend beyond the Jeremy Garrett stint with Sporting Lisbon hoping to officially be affiliated to Fruta Conquerors.

Alex Bunbury
Alex Bunbury

“We just got a letter from Sporting Lisbon that they are very much interested in wanting to be a part affiliation… be affiliated with our club… that is big news. This is going to be big news for football in Guyana, it’s going to be big news for Fruta Conquerors and it’s going to be big news for the region when you have an organisation of that calibre wanting to be affiliated with our club,” Bunbury revealed.

According to Bunbury, he will be heading to Portugal for a meeting with the executive of Sporting Lisbon in an effort to seal the deal.

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