Breaking news: Civilian turns in female getaway driver fingered in Rohee’s robbery


By Leroy Smith

The police are making headway in the investigation relating to the alleged robbery of the home of Former Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, even though he partially hampered the investigation by refusing investigators full access to his CCTV footage.

The News Room was informed that the woman who rented the vehicle used to transport perpetrators during the robbery last Wednesday, was today handed over to the police at the Brickdam Police Station by a civilian.

The woman whose name was given as Carlotta Parks allegedly rented a car bearing registration number; PRR514 from a car rental in the city.

The vehicle was located on the day of the robbery and traced to the car rental but the name provided to the business was fake.

According to police sources over the weekend, the woman’s identification was found in the vehicle.

News Room also learned that almost one hour after renting the vehicle, the woman returned the vehicle to the dealer and told him that there were problems with the tyres on the car nd she was no longer interested in using the vehicle.

Last week Rohee claimed that his maids were tied up and beaten by the bandits who carted off cash and jewellery during the home invasion.

The PPP General Secretary was not at home at the time of the invasion and could not confirm to media operatives, what was stolen.

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