Breach in Nursing exam leaves 250 students in uncertainty


The Ministry of Public Health is now looking for an amicable solution for nursing students to the supposed breach of the Professional Nursing examination which they sat in October.

It was recently disclosed that there was a breach in the final exams which were written on October 19 and 20, leaving some 250 nursing students unsure of their future.

Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton, in a media engagement on Tuesday, disclosed that a meeting will be hosted with students on Wednesday to find the best possible solution to the situation and therefore urged them to not take to the streets with placards.

The breach reportedly took place in the clinical and functional examination papers.

According to Dr Norton, the principals of the various nursing schools were instructed to meet with students and offer psycho-social support where necessary however, he says it is his understanding that students were dissatisfied and offended by the way they were given this information that could have lasting effects on their future.

In the meantime, he says there is no final decision on the rewriting of the exam until a proper investigation is completed. He also disclosed that a meeting of Ministry officials with the Nursing council failed at gathering any pertinent answers on the breach.

“We were informed that acquisitions were made that the papers were sold and if that is the case then we think an offense has been committed that warrant the investigation by the police, a motion has been set in place for that to happen,”  Dr. Norton said.

Another challenge for the Ministry, Dr Norton noted is determining where the responsibility for the breach lies.

Noting that there were previous reports of breach in examinations, however, the papers could only be bought if they were being sold.

“This is something that is handled by the General Nursing Council…and the question remains who is going to reset the examination, that same council that might in some way be involved in the whole breach in the first instance or it’s going to be independent, I hope that it is not extended, that is the breach and that only of very few persons are involved but I understand it involves thousands of Guyana dollars” the Health Minister outlined.

Following the disclosure of the breach, several students have expressed frustration of having the re-sit the examination, noting that it is very unfair given the effort put into it in the first sitting.

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