Payless, Fly Jamaica to reward customers in Christmas promotion


Payless Variety Store has teamed up with Fly Jamaica for its annual Christmas promotion, which was launched with much fanfare on Monday at its Robb and Wellington Street location.

One of the largest variety stores in the country, Payless prides itself on customer satisfaction and this year, the entity will be going the extra mile to ensure customers do not just win, but win handsomely.

At the launch of the promotion in front of the main branch in Georgetown, Public Relations Officer Rajan Tiwari spoke of the grand giveaways that the company would once again put forward.

All three locations- 42 Wellington Street, Georgetown; 28 Stelling Road, Vreed-en-Hoop; and 14 Pitt Street, New Amsterdam- would have their individual promotions, Tiwari highlighted.

In these promotions, the first prize is a complete bed set and flat screen television, second prize a washing machine, third prize a flat screen television, fourth prize a convection oven and fifth prize a dinner set. Five consolation prizes will also be on offer.

Winners of the media promotion pose with their prizes
Winners of the media promotion pose with their prizes

Tiwari explained how persons can become eligible to be part of the promotion. “All you have to do is make sure you get into the store, make a purchase and write your name, your telephone number, if you want to put your address no problem, at the back of your bill and put it in the box. To qualify you purchase anything, any item store-wide. You don’t have to purchase to a ceiling then you qualify, you purchase anything, and that bill that you have, that’s your coupon.”

The establishment is taking it a step further this year, as one lucky customer will earn a special grand prize, compliments of Fly Jamaica.

“Now all these stores are having their own promotion, but what’s going to happen this year, it’s going to be different- we’re going to be having a grand drawing also. And that lucky person is going to win a free ticket to travel to New York, compliments of Fly Jamaica,” Tiwari told News Room. All the drawings would take place in December, before the start of the holidays.

Meanwhile, at the launch on Monday, media personnel also got lucky as there was a mini-promotion that saw television set, DVD player, wristwatch, cologne and bicycle up for grabs.

News Room’s Avenash Ramzan and Kenny Copeland won a Samsung television set and a Sharp wristwatch respectively, while Eugene Noel of HGP Nightly New won a television set; Sean Embrack of HGP Nightly News won a bicycle; Rajesh Lakhan of MTV a cologne set; and Brian Goodman of Signature Production a DVD player.

The prizes were on display and the persons who came closest the actual retail price were declared the winners.

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