Bath Settlement W.C.B man to stand trial in N/A High Court for raping teen


By Royan Abrams

A Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice man has been committed to stand trial in the New Amsterdam High Court after a prima facie case was made out against him at the Blairmont Magistrate court on an alleged rape charge committed against a close family member back in 2014.

The 40-year-old was placed on $250,000 bail.

During the trial in the Magistrate’s court, it was disclosed that the accused and his wife were separated and their children were living with his mother- in- law. News Room understands that on June 2, 2014, there was a misunderstanding between the female teen and her grandmother and as a result she packed some clothes and went to stay with the accused who lives a few houses away.

The police prosecutor told the court the teen disclosed that while she was at the home of the accused, he gave her a pack of ‘Kiss cake’ and a bottle of Coca Cola which was already opened, and that she later started to feel drowsy after consuming the snack and decided to retire to bed in a room where she quickly fell asleep.

According to the prosecutor, the teen recalled waking up during the course of the night in the bed of the accused bed and they were both naked. She tried to raise an alarm, but her mouth was covered by the man. The teen waited until he had fallen asleep and ran home to her grandmother to report what transpired.

The matter was reported to the police, and the man was placed on station bail as the police proceeded with their investigation. However after granted bail the accused fled the jurisdiction but subsequently returned to Guyana, and reportedly reconciled with his wife in an attempt to keep the family quiet on the issue.

News Room also understands that the man promised his wife money to keep quiet on the matter.



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