An early budget would leave room for greater abuse- Jagdeo


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is urging Guyanese to be vigilant when it comes to Budget 2017 as he believes that an early budget only leaves room for abuse by the Government.

Jagdeo on Wednesday hosted a Press Conference where he spoke on many issues that he says he would have received telephones calls on and are relevant to the country including budget 2017.

Explaining his point, the Opposition Leader said “one of the reasons they’re bringing an early budget…we’ll have almost a month or two or basically the government being able to do what it wants because it would’ve come to parliament with a figure but that figure would have projections in the figure, unlike in the past, when if you come in February, you will have to actually go to the closed accounts, because the accounts close on the 31st of December…parliamentarians will have figures which were actually expended. Now  in 2016, we would now have figures that would involve projections to year-end; projections on revenue, projections on expenditure so we will never know.”

According to Jagdeo, Budget 2017 has been touted as once in a lifetime and unique by the coalition government but “there is nothing unique about it. It just puts us in a more difficult position because we’re not going to have actual figures.”

Budget 2017 is being presented on November 28.

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